Thursday, July 16, 2009

Fro Yo

I have to talk about it. I just can't go another day without expressing how I feel about it. It has changed me and has sent me on a quest that seems never ending. It's Fro Yo (that's frozen yogurt to the uneducated:) I know what you're thinking. . . "what's so great about frozen yogurt? Isn't it just the healthier, less fulfilling cousin of ice cream?" Well when it comes to any old flavor of fro yo I would have to agree with you. But, there is an exception and it goes by the name of TART!

About a year and a half ago I first experienced this phenomenon in the form of Pinkberry, a weird, futuristic looking yogurt shop. I was visiting Ashley's family in Simi Valley and we had gone to The Grove to shop and visit the Farmers Market. This is where I was introduced to Pinkberry. (I know, it sounds like it's my boyfriend and it pretty much is:) I was kinda weirded out when I first tried it. I mean, I think there were only 3 flavors, and when I tried the origional tart it wasn't very appealing. BUT I was advised how to properly go about it which has everything to do with the toppings. There were like 8 different kinds of fresh fruit, other normal toppings you would find anywhere, and some different ones like cap'n crunch, and fruity pebbles. This is really dragging on, but let me just sum it up. When I tasted the tart frozen yogurt with my now topping trinity It was like a party in my mouth = mini chocolate chips, granola, and strawberries.

Here's the dilema: There isn't a Pinkberry within 200 miles of Sonoma County. Hence the quest. For the past year I've been searching for anything that comes close and in the process I've tasted a few different versions and combos.
The results are in:
1. Snowbunny in Healdsburg - Wasn't very impressed:( It was pretty pricy, I didn't love the yogurt, and the girl who was working practically counted how many mini chocolate chips she was putting on like she was rationing for the Great Depression.
2. HoneyMoon in Sebastopol - I love the actual tart yogurt here (I think it's called Simply Sebastopol or something) but their toppings aren't impressive. Frozen fruit doesn't do it for me. In the past I just buy the yogurt here and put my own toppings on at home
3. Brain Freeze in Rohnert Park - This one has pretty good tart yogurt and all the toppings I like. It's self serve and they price it by weight.
4. Golden Spoon - They just got the tart flavor not too long ago and I really like it and they just started serving fresh fruit so I'm a happy girl when it comes to filling all my requirements.


  1. love this! i "met" pinkberry shortly before we moved up from la and was very sad to go separate ways. i didn't know these other places existed but will definitely have to check them out! what's the story with this "yogurt time" place i saw on sonoma ave. in santa rosa? (on the way to howarth park?) i've always wondered. inquiring blog readers wanna know! -- amy c.

  2. Oh yeah I forgot to put yogurt time on my "list". I did try it once and it was pretty good. I don't think it had fresh fruit which is kinda essential for me. It's self serve like honeymoon and you pay by weight. I've also found a few places a little farther away that are much more pinkberryesque (thats definitely not a word). One is called tutti melon and it's in San Rafael. Another one I just saw but didn't try when I went to a resturaunt last weekend in Novato and it was called Yogen Fruz. Have fun sampling!

  3. I just tried the pleasantly tart frozen yogurt from Trader Joes. Definitely worth a try. Plus, the entire pint is cheaper than one serving at a yogurt shop!