Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My Favorite Day of the Year

No, it's not my birthday, Valentine's day, my anniversary (don't tell Ryan), or even President's Day (hard to believe, I know). My favorite day of the year is a day when I wait all day long, anticipating and fasting for what is now known as The Winter Solstice dinner. It used to be The Christmas Dinner for the last few years, but with Christmas and babies being born all over the place it's been pushed towards the beginning of January, hence Winter Solstice. But really, why get tripped up on the name. It's really all about the food and fellowship! But mostly the food.

Hillary and Kevin do an amazing job of putting on this dinner, prepping for it for months ahead of time and giving a lot of time and energy to make it, well, my favorite night of the year. The decor this year was beautiful with hanging tea lights and an amazing planter box the length of the table filled with Gerber daises.

I anticipate all year long what the menu will consist of (I know, get a life) and this year definitely didn't dissapoint!
The night started with a Bleeding Orange Martini, rimmed with winter spiced sugar.

4 Types of Salt

the menu in order of the courses
Salmon Tartare

Hominy tortillas with avacado butter

Farmers market greens with smoked trout and apple

Lobster risotto with dungeness crab
Definitely my favorite!!

The three little pigs
pork/prosciutto three ways

Butternut squash ravioli with brown butter and sage

Lilmoncello granitas
to cleanse the pallet and to rock my world

Pork confit with braised leeks and crispy potatoes
So tender and delicious! The only one my flash worked on?
Trio of panna cotta: pomegranate, 50/50 and

some of the crazy people who were there:)

Already counting down the days till next year!


  1. I seriously love that picture of you and Ryan!

  2. It's my favorite day of the year too! Good pics! xoxo A

  3. i love that pic of you and ryan too! beautiful blog, my stomachs growling now...